What Suits.

Liam Passmore ended his ten years with hi-tech publishing giant Miller Freeman/CMP as creative director, during the fallout that followed the dot-com boom.

He found Miller Freeman/CMP, located in San Francisco, to be an environment where employees were urged to propel themselves.

It was stocked with cool, smart, creative, opinionated people: editors, publishers, sales folk, designers, researchers, musicians, and business managers. You were required to listen and encouraged to talk. Alumni refer to it as MFI University. At Miller Freeman/CMP, Liam learned from the ground up, starting in production.

Liam likes to listen and he likes to talk. Therefore he moved to marketing. It is what suits. He was promoted to marketing manager of Network Magazine within a year. The remainder of his time was spent as creative director for the Converging Communications Group, where he worked with a team of five designers handling the marketing needs for five publications, a website, and the collective brand—advertising, marketing collateral, media kits, multimedia, promotions, and events—of the group to which they all belonged.

Before San Francisco and Miller Freeman/CMP, Liam worked in Southern California, running his own business dedicated to surreptitiously observing the work and cash handling habits of bartenders and cocktail waitresses.

He took 2002 off and traveled to Minneapolis, New York and London, took the Chunnel to Paris, and then flew to Berlin. Back in San Francisco, he wrote several columns for a webzine, finished various pieces of short fiction; read constantly; deconstructed advertising for pleasure; let the president and other elected officials know exactly where he stands; and disassembled, cleaned, sharpened and reassembled the rotary blades inside his head.

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